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There are many opinions posted on the LEEDuser forums, sometimes by USGBC and GBCI staff. Can I reference these posts in my official LEED submissions?


LEEDuser forum conversations are not officially part of the LEED rating system and should not be referenced as an authoritative source in LEED documentation.

Experts posting on LEEDuser typically answer forum questions by referencing or reiterating content that is already an official part of the LEED rating system, whether it be in the credit language, Reference Guides, addenda, LEED Interpretations, or other supplemental resources such as the Minimum Program Requirements Supplemental Guidance document. In completing LEED documentation, you would be encouraged to reference these same official sources.

In some cases, experts posting on LEEDuser will interpret official LEED requirements in order to apply them to a unique situation. In these cases, these interpretations are unofficial. To the extent that the reasoning is sound, and the expert’s credentials or project experience make their opinion compelling, users completing LEED documentation may choose to use this same reasoning, but would not be encouraged to cite LEEDuser as an authoritative source in the matter.

If a USGBC or GBCI staff person provides an unequivocal response to a question, however, you can rely on that response in your LEED application.

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